Jeff Kossik proudly plays Epiphone guitars / Dean Markley strings and Marshall amps .                                      Tanner Kossik proudly plays D.W. drums / Zildjian cymbles and Vic Firth sticks. Jay Middleton proudly plays Yamaha bass guitars and line 6 Amps


All songs performed and written by Burn the Night, Recorded,and mixed by Jeff Kossik at B.T.N music studio,Los Angeles ,the bands latest release  Window a 9 song CD released, 12/12/15 on Damion records,has been reviewed and considered a Hard Rock classic with catchy riffs and lyrics a three piece power house with heart and soul ,visit the burn store and get your copy   songs are available for sound tracking movie or video production, contact Jeff at (310) 403-1887(310) 403-1887   
Run the Night
Hey You
The Bridge
Forever One
Goodbye Girl
Dusty Trails
Freight Train
American Band (cover)
Original song written by Don Brewer and preformed by Grand Funk Railroad